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Visual Merchandising

SABON Christmas event

SABON promotes its own dessert-shaped natural handmade soap, and caters to Christmas parties, with dessert parties as the theme. It will also display in the ground floor of the 1881 Heritage shopping mall in the European colour building in the tourist area of ​​Tsim Sha Tsui. There has booth of the handmade soap workshop (Soap Delicatessen), which can be registered and participated in the production on the spot. There is a large gashapon machine for Christmas tree decorations, which can let visitors joyful.


Concept Development

- handmade soap workshop

- Gingerbread house

- Large gashapon machine

Concept designed by Erica Lai.

Disclaimer: All of SABON mock up photos are only for an assignment of Diploma in Visual Merchandising. Not for business. Photo sourcing and reference are downloaded from SABON.

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