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Visual Merchandising

Seniseda maternity fashion

Seniseda is the transliteration of Spheniscidae and the scientific name of the penguin family. The penguin's body has to store a lot of fat for a long time to survive the severe cold, making it look like a pregnant woman during pregnancy. The logo design is based on this.
Seniseda's sales target is a clothing company that mainly focuses on pregnant women and family suits. It joins the Mediterranean style to do shop decoration, hoping to make pregnant mothers or families happy as if they are on vacation. 


Logo Concept

The logo uses a Capital letter s and a small letter s to design an adult penguin and a baby penguin in the shape of a penguin. To highlight the brand's main promotion of maternity and baby suits.

Concept store development

- Shop design

- Floor plan

- Interior design setting

- Mood board

- Stationary 

- Packaging

- media mockup

Concept designed by Erica Lai.

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