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About Charm-dition Local Snacks

Hong Kong has a given name called gourmet heaven. Food types are all-encompassing. The traditional local snacks are our important culture and memories in Hong Kong. As the rents continue to rise, many hawkers who are not able to rent a shop for selling traditional snacks that caused them disappear gradually. In order to preserve our culture, also promoting to tourist. Now we have the promotion of the Charm-dition Local Snacks under HKTB (Hong Kong Tourism Board) for making more people know more, including local people.

The concept behind logo design

Logo concept
The logo of Charm-dition has used the Hong Kong characteristic element to the design which including neon lighting and old tile’s pattern that logo style likes Chinese calligraphy, nostalgia, and traditional stuff.


Logo color

GREEN - After the World War II, the battle
left a lot of paint, especially for the military vehicle green, warships with the gray. After 1945, Hong
Kong’s economic recovery is slow, the social environment is not good, no conditions to develop consumer economy, the public tend to buy practical and cheap items, especially the government to the principle of the economy, World War II after the
war with the cheaper paint, So most of the public utilities are used in military green. In addition to large stalls or street stalls, ferry, tram, old mountain tram or 60s to 70s commonly used
kerosene stove are coated with military green. After the war can be used not much material, the color
of the building mostly white, gray based, green in which becomes quite conspicuous.








Packaging - Zongzi

Special packaging allows the audience to remember
Hong Kong. Zongzi is the signature food in HK for the Dragon Boat Festival. Using the traditional stuff to promote the traditional snacks which would let the audience to better understand the snack, the abler to personally feel the characteristics and the significance of traditional packaging.

P.S. Packaging designed by Erica Lai 

Booklet gift set

We use the elements of Chinese New Year to design booklets and envelope for introducing the Hong Kong traditional snacks. It will be a lucky banner after opened and trimmed the envelope.


Food Trucks


Food trucks are an important role in this promotion that those trucks will operate at anywhere. One of the locations is along the MTR stations. Sometimes, HKTB will hold the Food trucks carnival at night. There are five snacks’ trucks which have their
own characteristics. All of top 50 traditional
street snacks are voted by Hong Kong people.




Disclaimer: All of King's mock up photos are only for an assignment of BA(Hons) Graphic Design. Not for business. Photo sourcing and reference are downloaded from Google.


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