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branding & packaging

About King's Sports

King's Sports is primarily targeting sports participants, including those at the highest level of their sport, as well as non-athletes who are inspired by or really love sports. The target customer is with the 18- to 40-year-old age group. King's Sports has a long history of providing athletic footwear and apparel for athletes at all levels of the sport.

The concept behind logo design

Use the arrows of the navigator to form the main elements of the sign. The arrow is summarized (goal) the same direction on the left side came through from different directions (dreams) in the world. These three main arrows represent people of different races, and as long as you have the same goals or ideals, King's Sports as an auxiliary equipment to protect you, you will be able to break through any challenge and successfully reach your destination - KEEP ON GOING. In addition, when the three arrows break through the world, they show the letters ‘K’ and ‘S’. To use King's Sports, you can move forward and achieve your goals, even in the face of any challenge.


Logo color

Red represents speed, passion, and excitement. Black represents style and power. Red and black from the bottom up to the gradient, like a fire, you fired up your dream - KEEP ON GOING.


The slogan of King's

KEEP ON GOING is one of the core components of King’s brand. The slogan as per our final destination of the brand. In many Kings-related situations, 'KEEP ON GOING' appears under the King's logo. The slogan can use it individually.




Functional Shoe Box - structure
1. Box
2. Insert card
3. lace
- Short for a single box and double boxes.
- Long for quadruple boxes



Functional Shoe Box - combined them can
become a shoe cabinet.
In order to reduce the packaging to throw
away, for a green idea that we designed a
practical value shoe box which can re-use
them to become a shoe cabinet.


P.S. Packaging concept designed by Erica Lai 



Exhibition Stand

Mini Olympic Games - Spinning FLOOR PLAN
Concept: Holding a mini-simulation bicycle
a race that the concept likes Olympic Games.
Four participants in each group cycling
together, in a timed manner for the record.
All of the participants can get a key chain.
The first three entrants who completed the
fastest five-kilometer journey will win a cash
coupon of $500, $300 or $100.
This event would like to purpose through
participation, to strengthen the awareness
of the importance of sports equipment to
exercise, know king's image more.


Next Top King's Model
Concept: All of people can become a King's
top model. Sharing your experience with your
friends through a social network for joining
and voting together. All the people involved,
so that the brand into the life of fashion,
became the details of life, indispensable to
its lifestyle. Top ten King's model can try on
the stage for catwalk and get award. Let all
of the people fall for King's through this
experience of joining this event from
beginning to end.



- Retail Outlet

- Stationery

- Delivery team Vehicle Livery & Staff Uniform

   (T-shirt, windbreaker, and cap)


Disclaimer: All of King's mock up photos are only for an assignment of BA in Graphic Design. Not for business. Photo sourcing and reference are downloaded from Mercedes-Benz, Nike, Under Armour, Puma, Adidas, and Y3.

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